"My dancing went from entertaining to mind-blowing, particularly during the live performances by Auditory Sculpture. You fuse your body first to the music, then to your partner, and you don't come to reality until the lights turn on at 5 am."

Food and Drink


Jack London Square is an 8-minute drive from the venue, and has a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a year-round farmer's market from 9AM-2PM every Sunday. The restaurants are mostly on the pricey side, though they do have a Subway and a cafe.


Late Night/Mexican/Food Stand


Vegetarian/Asian Fusion






The 400 Club is a cheap dive bar within a few blocks of Just Dance.

At Jack London Square, a short drive away, you'll find Beer Revolution, a local mecca for beer connoisseurs. With a wide variety of imports and microbrews, forty craft brews on tap, and reasonable prices, it's worth a trip.

About a half-mile south of the venue, across the short bridge into Alameda, there is a cluster of bars and restaurants:

If you make it into San Francisco for a few hours, the city has a few famous libation houses:

Less famous, but also really fun is:

Stuff to Do

Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 are popular destinations for SF visitors, but most locals find them overpriced, touristy, and kitsch. Instead, we recommend checking out:


Further out