"I decided to come at the last minute, despite not having enough money and was so glad that I did!! The music, the dancing, the people were all incredible and it's blasphemous that I almost missed the entire thing!"

Food and Drink


Jack London Square is an 8-minute drive from the venue, and has a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a year-round farmer's market from 9AM-2PM every Sunday. The restaurants are mostly on the pricey side, though they do have a Subway and a cafe.


Late Night/Mexican/Food Stand


Vegetarian/Asian Fusion






The 400 Club is a cheap dive bar within a few blocks of Just Dance.

At Jack London Square, a short drive away, you'll find Beer Revolution, a local mecca for beer connoisseurs. With a wide variety of imports and microbrews, forty craft brews on tap, and reasonable prices, it's worth a trip.

About a half-mile south of the venue, across the short bridge into Alameda, there is a cluster of bars and restaurants:

If you make it into San Francisco for a few hours, the city has a few famous libation houses:

Less famous, but also really fun is:

Stuff to Do

Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 are popular destinations for SF visitors, but most locals find them overpriced, touristy, and kitsch. Instead, we recommend checking out:


Further out